Cool Gift Ideas For The Travelers In Your Life

Cool gift ideas for the travelers in your life

We all know (and envy) at least one person in our lives that seems to be always traveling somewhere exotic and fun. Here are some cool gift ideas for those friends who won’t sit still!


What traveler wouldn’t want to add a splash of color and a bit of travel inspiration to their home? Bright prints and throw pillows from our friends at Jasper Benoît, create a fun accent and conversation piece. Select a favorite destination (London, Paris, or Bali anyone?) and let the wanderlust begin. 

Jasper Benoît Travel Throw Pillow Sofa


Sexy and smart. UrbanUndercover underwear can be worn under anything and is quick to dry if a hand washing is needed. Even better, each pair can be discreetly rolled into a tiny little package, there are two flaps one that says “let’s go” and on that says “nope” fold them one way when they are clean and the other when they are dirty. No more guess work while on the road.


Keep warm and stylish while on the road with a cozy cashmere wrap. Use as a blanket while on cold airplanes, drape as a pashmina for evenings or wrap as a scarf for those blustery days. Available in multiple colors to suit every traveler’s taste.



All travelers keep their passport close and their phone even closer. Why not add a few fun accessories to the travelers’ most valuable tool. 

A funky iPhone case is a fun way to express travels past and future. Why not select a few to swap out depending on the mood.Jasper Benoît iPhone Case Samples

Ensure those travel photos are Instagram-worthy by using the best lens for each situation. Photojojo makes a great set of three lenses (wide, fisheye, macro) which easily transforms an iPhone into a professional travel snaps machine.



Who hasn’t fumbled around the bottom of a bag feeling among the pens and loose change only to find their earbuds tangled up with their charging cord? These cool little cases provide a cozy place to store earbuds and the bright colors make them easily to spot.



Whether trekking through Iceland, rock climbing in Yosemite or lounging on a beach, keeping photos and memories backed up and safe from the mishaps and adventures is a top priority. With its rugged outer case that is drop resistant and its military grade security, the LaCie Rugged External Hard Drive is small enough to easily pack yet priceless in the peace of mind it provides. Want something even smaller and lighter? Try the LaCie Rugged Key, which is equally rugged and fits in your pocket. 



Plane travel wages war on your skin, making it dry, flaky and irritated. Keeping skin hydrated from the outside is just as important as from the inside. These cute Evian spray bottles fit easily into a carry-on and ensure radiant and dewy skin upon arrival.



Beautifully personalized map jewelry by A. JAFFE to celebrate the special places and moments. Simply select an address anywhere in the world and even add a diamond to mark the spot where magic happened. 


Traveling is thirsty business and why pay the crazy price for bottled water at the airport when you can fill up this beautiful Santorini Swell water bottle. Every hydrating sip will lead to thoughts of the sunny Greek Isles.


Do have some cool gift ideas you’ve stumbled upon? We want to know! Send us an email.


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